Disney Commemorative Proof Limited Edition 999 Silver & US Liberty Coins

The Statue of Liberty Centennial silver dollar (KM#214) is 90% silver, and it has 0.7736 troy ounces ASW (“Actual Silver Weight”), 38.1mm in diameter, and had a mintage of 723,635 in Philadelphia and 6,414,638 (proof condition) in San Francisco.

The Disney 1 Troy Ounce Silver Coins in these photos were part of the first series issued only to Disney employees.

  1. Merry Christmas 1986 / Happy New Year 1987 – serial 000721
  2. Commemorative Proof Limited Edition featuring Mickey Mouse 60 Years With You (with collector’s case) – 034024
  3. Bugs Bunny Luney Tunes 1987 – serial 05669
  4. Yosemite Sam Luney Tunes 1987 – serial 05872

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